Creativity Versus the Quants: Does Data Stifle or Amplify Innovation?

This weekend’s New York Times Op-Ed “Creativity vs the Quants” deeply resonated with me this Sunday morning. Journalist Timothy Eagan’s piece appears largely a response to the quantification of society, namely, Nate Silver’s latest project: data journalism [[FiveThirtyEight]] — which is uses fancy modern data analysis methods to figure out what’s going to happen and better understand what happened. In other… Read more →

The Rise of the Millennials Infographic

This infographic I created for Badgeville (along with our talented designer Lily Alvarez) was fun to put together as I was able to spend time researching my generation. Millennials are a complicated bunch, as numerous surveys and statistics prove, being less than loyal to their companies in terms of tenure, and more loyal to brands who focus on winning them over. Check… Read more →

topshop pinterest campaign

8 Creative Holiday 2013 Pinterest Campaigns

With over 70 million global users, Pinterest remains high on the campaign wish list for marketers everywhere. The visual social network is shining bright this holiday season, with online marketers seeing high ROI from their investments in the Pinverse. In fact, over the Black Friday shopping season, shoppers referred from Facebook were found to have an average order of $52.10,… Read more →

Marketing is the New Black: A New Direction for This Blog

Marketing is the New Black: A New Direction for This Blog

Being at the forefront of gamification in my work at Badgeville, I’m in a – perhaps unique way – following the nexus of numerous business trends… Marketers are struggling with customer loyalty because of what I like to call “Digitally-Induced Exponential ADD.” Brand loyalty is dead. Options are in. What to do? Business Managers are struggling to motivate and retain… Read more →

Hot Social App of the Week: Airtime Review

Airtime is, in short, a celebrity-endorsed version of Chatroulette meets Glancee. In other words, it takes the concept of anonymous video chat making it somewhat less anonymous by pairing you with someone who shares your interests, likely with hopes to cut out the number of masturbating men you see when you click next… next… and, uh… next. While I love… Read more →