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Adena DeMonte is a seasoned marketing and multi-channel content strategist for technology firms in Silicon Valley. She is mildly obsessed with high-quality B2B UX and product design. In the past decade she's held a variety of titles and positions, including running social media for an augmented reality app produced by a Global 500 mobile tech firm, launching new brands and building markets (gamification, intelligent content marketing), leading community for a popular B2C app, and writing for numerous technology publications including GigaOm, Mobile Marketing Watch, and Red Herring Magazine, where she got her start in tech circa 2005. Adena earned her BFA in Theatre Studies with a concentration in directing & design from DePaul University, where she also minored in sociology and journalism. She enjoys thoughtful, non-pretentious conversations over tea (boba or loose leaf), so if you happen to be in the area with similar inclinations email for an f2f 1on1 -- she's always open to meeting new insightful friends and acquaintances.

  • Ray

    I completely agree that facebook is not a loyalty program for brands. I have a hard time keeping up with all the brands I “Like” on facebook. For example I completely forgot about a brand that I liked on facebook for over a year, till they decide to put out a new product. By luck I think I caught that post, but I did not go to the facebook page to read about it-I googled it. I went to the news stories about the product and to the company page. Even if I do “like” the product on facebook, the facebook page doesn’t supply enough information that people like me want. We want more then just a video or a paragraph, we want to feel like we are a part of something new. Customers want more from their brands; I believe that consumers want more then just a loyalty program-they want an experience.